Yosay Acupunctuur


Do you have health issues that you cannot turn to mainstream Western medicine with, are you looking for a holistic way to heal, or are you looking for support in your Western treatment and medication? Then acupuncture may be the answer for you.
An ancient, safe medicine that naturally restores your balance both mentally and physically. The treatment is personal, down to earth and relaxing.

For questions please send an email to info@yosayacupunctuur.nl or book an appointment directly by clicking on the box below.


Hormones and sleep

“ I am currently experiencing a lot of hormonal changes in my body. As a result, I am experiencing palpitations and sleeping less well than I am used to. José was very professional and her open, relaxed approach put me at ease. After the treatment, I noticed a remarkable difference: less heart palpitations and I sleep much better. Overall, I feel a lot better. I look forward to my next appointments. Her warmth, empathy, professionalism and expertise in acupuncture made for a great experience."

Clair, 46 yrs

Burn out

After the death of my mother, I could not find the peace to cope with her death and the problems slowly piled up, teeth grinding, sleeping badly, nausea.After a thorough, professional intake, I immediately experienced the first treatment. Like reborn and full of energy, I walked out the door. Finally the feeling that something was being done and that physical problems were being tackled at the source. After several treatments, I still experience that acupuncture helps me enormously. I would definitely recommend Yosay Acupuncture. Also for people
who have already gone through other forms of therapy."

Roel, 52 yrs

Menopause and Nutrition

Yosay Acupuncture is helping me tremendously with my (peri) menopause symptoms. Not only has she treated me several times with the needles, she also gives advice on nutrition and how to integrate it into your lifestyle. José makes a tailor-made plan for everyone. I had the familiar complaints like mood swings, hot flushes and poor sleep. I notice a huge difference in how I feel before and after the treatments. This gives me peace of mind to enter this transition phase with confidence. If you are looking for an acupuncturist who takes the time, listens and thinks with you, I would definitely recommend Yosay Acupuncture.
Marieke, 49 yrs

What is acupunctuur?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a 3000-year-old healing method, based on the holistic principle that everything is energy and that body and mind are inseparable. Physical complaints often have a mental cause, but physical complaints also cause emotional and energetic blockages.

The principle of life energy (Qi) plays a major role in this. Qi consists of the movement of the Yin and Yang force which must work together smoothly. However, this balance is often disturbed by emotions, lifestyle, thoughts, food and environment. Searching for balance between the Yin and Yang is the main tenet of TCM. Because we sometimes have too much of one or too little of the other, we develop symptoms of imbalance or even disease.

Acupuncture is the most well-known treatment method of the TCM for Yin & Yang balance restoration. Moxa, cupping and herbs are also sometimes used during treatment. Less well known is Chinese nutritional teachings. This teaching gives you insights into your diet and how it can influence your symptoms. Together we discuss possible adjustments that can give you more self-control over your health and complaints can be reduced or avoided. This is all part of an acupuncture treatment.

Common complaints

Do you have another complaint for which you are looking for a solution, something that you cannot explain or cannot find help for?
Please feel free to contact me to find out if acupuncture could be of benefit to you.

I am a member of the NVA professional association. For this I am obliged to follow further training every year for both Western and Eastern medicine. There is also an obligation for intervision with fellow practitioners. I do my utmost to give you the best treatment in the most correct way. If you believe I have acted improperly you can use the complaints procedure through the professional association. More information can be found here.