Hello,  I am Yosay

Yosay, Josay, Yosaj, Yosie, I was called all kinds of things. I worked a lot with international clients and colleagues and my name turned out to be quite confusing. To explain my name phonetically, I used Yo! and the English verb To Say and that's how my company name Yosay was born 25 years ago. Pleased to meet you!

How I became an acupuncturist

I faced a severe back injury at a relatively young age, a fractured vertebra in the low back had slipped into my nerves, a lot of pain in other words. As the pain became more unbearable and I didn't know my back was broken because doctors refused to give me an MRI scan, I started looking for the cause of my pain.
My body forced me to better understand what was going on. Having nowhere to turn, I began a study in yoga. I studied intensively the anatomy of movement and the human body. The more I understood about my body the better I began to feel it. Instead of wanting to stay away from the pain, I wanted to learn from it. I became familiar with my body.

The philosophies I came in contact with gave me a sense of coming home. Taoism, yoga, tantra, Buddhism, all with the common denominator: holistic approach to natural  healing and especially our own personal nature as a starting point. This gave me more and more insights into the whole of body and mind.
Back to Western doctors I had to fight a battle to be heard, but the hundreds of hours of study did not let me down and so the proof came with the MRI result was: broken back. After the inevitable major surgery by an amazing surgeon and aftercare from a top physical therapist, my body felt pain free but not yet complete. There was still something I had trouble putting my finger on, but my recovery was not yet complete. Because of this feeling, I turned to acupuncture.

I was amazed at how well the treatment worked, after one session I immediately felt that this was what I was looking for to heal more deeply. I became incredibly excited and it sparked in me a fervent desire to understand even more about this healing method.
It still helps me today when it comes to menopause and how my body reacts to it and how to reduce my symptoms. I have also changed my eating pattern. I'm certainly not a kitchen wonder and I don't follow a strict diet. But I approach my nutrition based on Chinese nutritional science and with some simple adjustments I can properly support my body. If you would like to know more about Chinese nutrition reading, read my blog here.

After 25 years of successful freelancing in the commercial world, it was time to change course. Studying at the TCMA (Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy) gave me the space to bring together everything I had learned so far: the yoga, the philosophies and with it the Chinese science of medicine and how to make this applicable to others.

I chose this school because it is a recognized naturopathic training, which also includes the regular medical basic knowledge. I am affiliated with the professional association NVA. Because of this I am obliged to follow various refresher and supplementary courses every year on both western and eastern medicine.

Body and mind are inseparable. A belief that became a conviction after my training. Everything is interconnected and each individual is completely unique: a born natural disposition, desires, emotions, challenges, sorrows.

This is the big difference between Western and Eastern way of treatment. Seeing the connections. Not only why you experience certain symptoms but also where they come from and how they express themselves. The treatments are aimed at restoring balance and the self-healing capacity of the body, so that complaints diminish and medication use can possibly decrease. Acupuncture also works to preventively work on your overall health.

If you have more questions about the treatment, please click here