Functional food according to Traditional Chinese medicine

A number of blogs about how food can help you alleviate or even eliminate symptoms. During treatment,
your diet will always be addressed and we will discuss any simple adjustments.

Nutrition is personal

Chinese medicine is a huge theory with all sorts of different interpretations and elaborations.
It will never be fully complete and it may rub shoulders with your own ideas. The Chinese foodsystem is not a diet, it is about simple adjustments within your diet that may alleviate a complaint or better protect you from illness.


Last time I wrote about the life energy Qi, about Yin and Yang, about the energetic effect of food and I described, following a practical example, how you can use food to alleviate complaints. Yang is the energy (Qi) and Yin the matter.
This time: Damp. Unknown within Western medicine, but within TCG (Traditional Chinese Medicine) it is an important concept.