Frequently asked questions

Does acupuncture hurt?

Generally, people experience little to no pain. The needles are very thin and often I use a small tube to guide the needle in the more sensitive areas, so the skin is hardly irritated. Often people do not even feel that there is a needle.

However, you may experience some kind of shock or spreading sensation. That means the needle is in the right place! This is what we call Qi. This feeling often goes away quickly. Should a needle be painful or too annoyingly present, I will remove and reinsert the needle.

What should I put on or take off?

For acupuncture treatments, we usually use points on your legs, feet, hands, arms and/or lower abdomen as needed. Often the back, neck or head as well. These body parts should be bare while treating. So usually only shoes, socks and top pants need to be taken off. Wide sweatpants that can smoothly go over the knees are also a good option, or cycling shorts. I have towels and blankets, if you get cold easily or if you like to be more covered up, I will do so.

If I have to needle your back you can keep your bra on. You can always leave your underwear on. Put on clothes you feel comfortable in.

I ask that you come to your treatment washed and with clean clothes.

Are the needles in series?

I always use new sterile (disposable) needles. These are thrown away afterwards and not reused. However, they are melted down and recycled.

Is the practice clean?

The practice is cleaned by a professional cleaning company. In addition, everyone in the building keeps track of where extra cleaning is needed. The bedding on the treatment tables is changed several times. Nevertheless, I ask you to bring your own towel to lie on.