About rent options


Rent options 

Do you also want to work at this amazing location in the centre of Amsterdam? Thats possible!

What is available?

  • Your own spacious room with: desk & good chair, possibly treatment table (movable)
  • 2 Comfy chairs for coaching/therapy sessions
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Room is insulated and has a window. I
  • A common room, a waiting room, kitchen, toilet and wardrobe.

The cost (excluding VAT), including internet, electricity/gas:

Price is for whole fixed day per week in the whole month, so for example you book all Wednesdays per month, thats 265 euro ex btw. per month). 

  • 1 fixed day per week for the month: 265 euro
  • 2 fixed days per week for the month: 530 euro
  • 3 fixed days per week for the month: 730 euro (quarter day discount)
  • 4 fixed days per week for the month: 910 euro  (more than half day discount)
  • 5 fixed days per week for the month: 1035 euro (whole day discount)

If you are a starting 
practitioner, Im very much open for starting prices and option. Feel free to contact me.