What does a treatment entail?

What does a treatment entail?

The intake consultation consists of about 20 minutes for a full inquiry about you and your symptom(s). After I will look at your tongue and do a puls diagnosis to establish a treatment. In our follow-up session, we discuss any possible changes, again the tongue and pulse to adjust the treatment. Often I begin the session by pressing some points around your abdomen, to see if there is a reaction in terms of sensitivity. The pressing is not hard and can at most feel uncomfortable for a short moment.

In the treatment I work with needles and a Moxa laser pen. This pen has the same frequency of the Moxa herb and has a beneficial effect on the body. I place the Moxa on specific points that are thereby heated and thus nourishing.

Certain lifestyle and food recommendations may also be part of the treatment. If necessary, I can refer you to an herbal and or supplement specialist. Everything in consultation with you, of course.

How many treatments do I need?

To best treat your complaint, it is important to schedule treatments once or two weeks in the early stages. After about four treatments, the intervals increase until eventually no more treatments are needed. The total number of consultations needed to improve or cure the complaint is highly dependent on your overall health and the complaint itself.
A treatment is therefore personal and customized. Not only will I look at your complaint, I will also give you advice on what to eat.

An acupuncture treatment is always customized and therefore very personal. I always advise you to visit your housedoctor in case of serious complaints. Where necessary, I can also consult with your GP or treating physician. Acupuncture is different from western medicine, we not only look at the symptom, we also search for the root of the problem. Both elements are treated. However, I always take into account western diagnosis and medication and where necessary we consult with you and your doctor about treatments. Together we can see what the possibilities and options are.